IRAS Chinese Version

  • 2017-01-18

    The "Standards of Public Service in Asia" meeting was held on January 6, 2012 in Beijing. President of Chinese Academy of Personnel Science Wu Jiang, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Personnel Science Liu Xuezhi attended the meeting, together with experts and scholars from universities and research institutes, representatives of government departments,standardization research staffs and international exchange and cooperation division staffs of CAPS, totaled fifteen people.

    The meeting was hosted by Wu Jiang President of CAPS, who introduced the background of Standards of Public Service in Asia Project. Then the director of standardization research office Dong Zhichao and Dr. Xie Jing illustrated the framework of this program and discussed the purpose, research methods of this project and how to study the relative questions with the experts. Finally, this meeting got preliminary agreement , which should focus on the data collection, collation and translation to seek common ground, establish the framework ,reserve differences and extract the commonality of the experience of other countries.

    This meeting is significant. The clear purpose , location and framework of the project have been confirmed for public service projects in Asia.