2016 AGPA-EGPA Joint Seminar

  • 2017-03-20

    The AGPA-EGPA Joint Seminar was succesfully held on August 26th, in Utrecht, Netherlands, in close collaboration with the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA). The theme of the Joint Seminar is Administration and the Past: Tradition, Continuity and Change. AGPA President, Prof. Jiang Wu and EGPA President, Prof. Ongaro delivered opening remarks on behalf of the two groups. Prof. Zhiyong Lan from Tsinghua University and Prof. Michael Macaulay from Victoria University of Wellington co-chaired the Seminar. Nine renowned scholars from Asian and European countries, gave keynote speeches during the session. Around 20 participants joined the Seminar and had heated discussion after the presentations.


    Based on this joint seminar, a future series of Asian-European Dialogues on Public Administration will continue to be carried out.


    In addition, in the end of the Seminar, Prof. Jiang Wu on behalf of AGPA presented the “Outstanding Paper Award” to the speakers and the Certificate of Appreciation to the moderators for their efforts made.