Korean Institutes willing to join IIAS and AGPA

  • 2017-01-18

    Co-organized by IIAS and Korea Institute of Public Administration, a roundtable meeting was held in Seoul, Korea on December 10, 2011 to discuss regional and global cooperation in the field of public administration.


    At the meeting, Korean participants expressed their interest in applying for corporate membership of IIAS and AGPA and take part in the academic activities. Kyung Bae Park, who works for Central Officials Training Institute of Korea, said that he is delighted to get a better understanding of AGPA and would like to carry out cooperation project and training program with its members in the future. Hwang-Sun Kang of the Korean Association for Policy Study inquired about AGPA book project and Hie Shin Hwang of KIPA asked about membership expansion in Asia. They hope that AGPA will serve as a platform for them to conduct cooperation with academic institutions in other Asian countries.