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    2012 AGPA Annual Conference
    Local Governance and Reform: Service delivery, Transparency and Accountability
    Welcome Address
    Rolet LORETAN
    IIAS Director General

    H.E. the President of the Republic of the Maldives,
    H.E. the Vice-president of the Republic of the Maldives,
    Honorable Ministers,
    Dear Chairman of the Civil Service commission,
    Dear IIAS President,
    Dear AGPA President,
    Dear Guests,
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    It is a great pleasure for me as IIAS Director General to address the prestigious audience here in Maldives for the 2012 AGPA Annual Conference.    It is a real opportunity to convene and to meet all the delegates coming from various Asian countries, members of our community.     AGPA is one year old and we have already reached the first objective in establishing the IIAS regional group for this region: create a platform for exchanges between academics and practitioners dealing with key issues in Public Administration.

    Our Institute defined a new strategic plan and the development of regional groups is one of the main objectives of the current implementation plan.    As IIAS Director General, I am grateful to all the AGPA members for their commitments in establishing a new platform in Asia.  I would like to thank the IIAS Vice-President Jian Wu who initiated with the IIAS President Pan Suk Kim the creation of the Asian Group for Public Administration.      You accomplished a wonderful job for gathering together the key actors of the region and for planning different events on major issues for Asian countries.    There are still some steps forward to be completed together for further defining the AGPA governance but I know that the AGPA members have the willingness to work together and to make sure that the Group will grow and its activities will be expanded reflecting the diversity of Asian countries’ experiences in improving Public Administration.    The success of this second annual Conference, after Beijing in 2011, is already a guarantee for the future.     Thank you very much for your participation. I can ensure the full support of the IIAS Team in Brussels.  The AGPA network will certainly contribute to the IIAS worldwide platform for the exchange of experiences and best practices.

    We are also very grateful to the 2012 AGPA Annual Conference Organisers: Mr Mohamed Fahmy Hassan, Chair of the Organising Committee and his team at the Civil Services Commission of the Maldives.  I would like to mention that the Civil Services Commission of the Maldives celebrated its 4th Anniversary on Tuesday, 1st May just before the opening of our Annual Conference. Congratulations to all the members for their activities and the support they provided to the Public Administration Reform in Maldives.  Our discussions, today, will focus on some aspects of these reforms at local level, especially on the service delivery and the priorities for local development.  The Maldives is one of smallest country in Asia but also one of the most dynamic.  Its Civil Services Commission implemented different key projects for creating a framework for the modernization of the public administration.  You are now starting the second phase of the Building an Efficient, Service-oriented, Transparent Administration. With the UN support, this BEST project consolidates and expands the results achieved during the first phase and supports the Government of the Maldives with the important public administration reform.  We will share your experience in reforming the Public Sector.

    Thank you for hosting our Conference and for your hospitality.

    Our discussions will focus on the main theme: Local Governance and Reform: Service delivery, Transparency and Accountability.   The participants will address the different aspects of the local level governance with the following objectives: bringing government closer to citizens, setting priorities for cooperative local development, and improving accountability and resources management in local government.     These goals are shared by the international community and with the IIAS key-partners, especially UNDESA and OECD.

    During our upcoming IIAS Congress to be held in Merida next June, we will also address the same topics in focusing on Economic Priorities and the role of Public Administration.    The regional perspectives on these key issues are essential to adapt the strategies of States regarding the current common challenges.    Our regional groups: European Group for Public Administration (EGPA), Latin American Group for Public Administration (LAGPA), Asian Group for Public Administration (AGPA) and the future groups – Middle East and African Groups - will play a fundamental role in this respect.

    On behalf of IIAS Directorate general, I would like to wish you very stimulating debates and enthusiastic exchanges and networking.   We can only make IIAS stronger in its field by providing academics and practitioners with such platforms!

    Good luck and thank you very much for your contribution!

    Rolet Loretan
    IIAS Director General