AGPA Strategic Plan

  • 2017-01-17

    AGPA is a very new group, and one of its priorities now is to establish contacts and exchanges among Asian academics and practitioners in PA.

    It will offer a platform not only between academics and practitioners, but also between esteemed scholars and new talents in the field of PA in Asia; it will offer a platform not only for sharing experiences and best practices, but also for inspiring innovative ideas and theories; it will offer a platform not only for learning and exchanging, but also for cooperation and development.

    A. Attract and convene Asian academics and practitioners in PAAGPA would like to gain recognitions and expand its appeals among the Asian academics and practitioners communities in PA through.-Academic Events: The Steering Committee of AGPA will organize symposiums, seminars and meetings on important current topics of common interest in the field of Public Administration. -Paper Exchange: AGPA will encourage papers exchange through academic events, and recommend good-quality papers to IRAS and other academic journals. 

    B. Strengthen cooperation through joint projectsAGPA would like to strengthen cooperation and enlarging network among Asian academics and practitioners in the field of PA by the means of focused joint projects.
    (A) AGPA will carry out its first cooperative book publishing project. It will invite Asian scholars to compile a book on the topic of Public Administration in Asia. 
    (B) AGPA will also carry out a cooperative research project on Basic Public Service Index System.

    C. Develop communication tools and media channelsAGPA would like to develop following communication tools and media channels:-AGPA Website and Newsletters: design and create a website with the help of IIAS. The same procedure and structure used by other entities of IIAS will be adopted.-Event brochures: AGPA will develop event brochures, eg. invitation brochure,when organizing events like seminars, meetings and conferences, etc.

    D. Expand network through cooperation with other organizationsAGPA will try to build relations/partnership and carry out joint activities with other organizations/associations active in the field of PA in Asia.