• 2017-01-17

    Asian Group for Public Administration (AGPA) is a regional group affiliated to IIAS. It is aimed to attract and convene institutions and organizations in the field of Public Administration in Asia through academic activities and events and to promote the development of administrative science in Asia.
    AGPA is a flexible and light-structured network,which mainly carries out academic activities and events, with the guidance and support of IIAS and on the basis of mutual respect, consultation and voluntary participation. The Steering Committee of AGPA is responsible for setting the direction and the organizing the academic exchange activities of AGPA. 
    —Promote the culture and professionalization of Public Administration in Asia;
    —Foster comparative studies and develop theories of Public Administration within the context of Asia;
    —Facilitate the implementation of innovative ideas and the adoption of information and communication technologies in the sphere of Public Administration;
    —Structure the exchange of information regarding the theory and practice of Public Administration;
    —Establish contacts between Asian practitioners, academics and civil servants, in topics of common interest in the field of Public Administration;
    —Enlarge network in Asian countries and regions, promote the development of theoretical research and practical innovation in Public Administration in Asia.