2014 AGPA Annual Conference held in Jakarta, Indonesia

  • 2017-01-17

    The Steering Committee Members


    The Opening Ceremony


    Prof. Geert Bouckaert, President of the IIAS


    Prof. Wu Jiang, President of AGPA


    Eko, Prasojo, Vice-minister of State Apparatus and Administrative Reform of Indonesia


    Dr. Kuntoro Mangkusubroto, Chairman of UKP4 (President of Delivery Unit)


    Prof. Ma Baobin, Professor of Jilin University


    Group Photo




    On August 27-29, 2014, the 2014 Asian Group for Public Administration (AGPA) Annual Conference was held in Jakarta. 95 experts and academics from 13 countries including China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, India and Philippines participated in the Conference.


    This Annual Conference was jointly organized by Chinese Academy of Personnel Science (CAPS) and Office of the Vice President, the Ministry of Administrative Reforms, the National Institute of Public Administration and Universitas Indonesia. The theme of this Annual Conference is Enhancing Public Trust and Governance through Innovative Public Administration in Globalized and Regionalized Asian Countries. The Conference consisted of 3 sub-themes: The Complexity of Structure and Proliferated Actors in Improving Public Trust and Governance: Building Cooperation and Competition; The Paradox of Globalization, Regionalization and Decentralization in Search of Accountable, Responsible and Effective Governance; and Opportunities, Challenges, Learnings and Innovations in Asian Public Service. Meanwhile, these was also a special panel for IIAS Study Group on Efficiency, Effectiveness and Governance.



    The Conference had received 83 abstracts and 60 full papers. Three well-known experts delivered keynote speech at the plenary session. 54 participants delivered presentations at the parallel sessions. Four experts served as the general rapporteur and assistant rapporteurs.


    During the Opening Ceremony, IIAS President Geert Bouckaert, AGPA President Jiang Wu, IASIA President Michel de Vries, and Vice-minister of State Apparatus and Administrative Reform of Indonesia Eko Prasojo  delivered welcome speeches. Dr. Kuntoro Mangkusubroto, Chairman of UKP4 (President Delivery Unit) attended the conference and made a keynote speech. Director-General Mr. Rolet Loretan participated in the closing ceremony and delivered an address.


    The AGPA Steering Committee Meeting was held on Aug 27. The meeting approved AGPA Regulations, and re-elected Steering Committee members and President. The Steering Committee unanimously re-elected Prof. Jiang Wu as the President in his second term. Ms. Ying Xiong from Chinese Academy of Personnel Science was appointed as Executive Secretary of AGPA.