2013 AGPA Annual Conference held in Singapore

  • 2017-01-16

    The Opening Ceremony


    The First Vice President of IIAS,

    President of AGPA,

    President of the Chinese Academy of Personnel Science

    Prof, Dr. WU Jiang


     The Director-General of IIAS, Mr. Rolet Loretan


    Past President of IIAS, Prof, Pan Suk KIM 


    The President of IASIA, Mr. Michiel de Vries


    Head of School of Humanities and Social Sciences of NTU, Prof, Alan Chan




    On September 26-29, 2013, the 2013 Asian Group for Public Administration (AGPA) Annual Conference was held in Singapore. 65 experts and academics from 16 countries including China, India, Japan, Korea, Nepal and Indonesia participated in the Conference. Led by President Jiang Wu, a delegation of 5 participants from CAPS attended the Conference. The Conference had received 61 abstracts and 28 full papers. 33 participants delivered presentations at the plenary session and parallel sessions. Four experts served as the general rapporteur and assistant rapporteurs. AGPA President Professor Jiang Wu awarded certificates to all the speakers and rapporteurs of the Conference.

    This Annual Conference was jointly organized by Chinese Academy of Personnel Science (CAPS) and Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. The theme of this Annual Conference is Local and Regional Cooperation and Public Governance. The Conference consisted of one plenary session with 3 keynote speeches and 3 parallel sessions on 3 sub-themes. At parallel session 1, 9 participants made presentations on the sub-theme of Intergovernmental Relationships and Quest for Models of Government Cooperation. At parallel session 2, 11 participants made presentations on the sub-theme of Good Governance and Cross-border/Cross-regional Cooperation. At parallel session 3, 10 participants made presentations on the sub-theme of Good Practices on Better Public Service Delivery in Asia.

    Coordinated and organized by CAPS, 20 Chinese academics and government representatives participated in this Annual Conference. In academic exchanges during the Conference, Chinese participants took an active part and played an important role. Chinese participants gave their presentations in every session of the Conference. Among the 33 speakers, 7 of them were Chinese. In the meantime, 4 Chinese experts served as moderators and discussants at parallel sessions. Among them, Professor Jiannan Wu, Associate Dean of School of Public Policy and Administration of Xi’an Jiaotong University served as one of the rapporteurs. Professor Changzheng Dai, Dean of the School of International Relations at UIBE delivered a keynote speech at the plenary session.

    The CAPS also edited a 10-minute video to promote AGPA by reviewing the establishment, academic events and the past two Annual Conferences. The video was played at the beginning of the Conference and was well-received.

    To highlight contributions made by President Jiang Wu to AGPA in the past 3 years since he took the position as the Coordinator, the AGPA Steering Committee proposed and finally decided to change the title of “AGPA Coordinator” into “AGPA President”.

    IIAS Director-General Mr. Rolet Loretan, the IIAS past President Professor Pan Suk Kim and Alan Chan, Dean of the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore Professor attended the opening ceremony and delivered welcome addresses. Professor Jiang Wu, as IIAS first Vice-president and AGPA President, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech to summarize the Conference at the closing ceremony.