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Second Annual Conference of AGPA in Maldives
2012-05-17 | 【Large Middle Small

On May 8-10 2012, the Second Annual Conference of Asian Group for Public Administration (AGPA) was held in the Bandos Resort of Maldives. The meeting was jointly organized by Chinese Academy of Personnel Science (CAPS) and Civil Service Committee of Maldives.

Maldives President H.E. Dr. Mohamed Waheed, Vice President H.E. Mohamed Waheed Deen and 5 Ministers were present at the opening ceremony. Professor Pan Suk Kim, the President of International Institute of Administration Sciences (IIAS), IIAS Director-General Mr. Rolet Loretan and IIAS Vice President Professor Jiang Wu also attended the conference. Additionally, Professor Jiang Wu, as the AGPA coordinator, delivered an address at the opening ceremony.

About 121 experts and scholars from 12 countries such as Brunei, China, India, Japan, Korea and Mongolia and etc. participated in the conference.

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